F-510 Synare VCF (8HP)

new knobs and panel:DSCN6616_F-510

previous panel: DSCN1398_svcf DSCN1400_svcf DSCN1401_svcf

Synare3 patch: S3_patch

F-510 Synare VCF LP filter module for Eurorack / Doepfer A100.
Voltage controlled low pass filter with four different slope outputs, 1V/oct input and variable +CV and inverting -CV inputs..

Left column:
– CV input jack (1V/oct)
– 2 filter frequency knobs (coarse & fine)
– variable +CV knob & jack
– variable -CV knob & jack (positive going voltage decreases filter frequency)

Right column:
– audio input jack & knob
– resonance knob (Q) – selfoscillating near max setting
– 4 output jacks for 6-12-18-24dB/oct slope

Can be used as quadrature VCO at selfoscillating.
Outputs are phase shifted by 90° so sine output is 12dB/oct jack and cosine 24dB/oct jack.

Same filter topology as Roland Juno-6, Juno-106 and many other synths (4-stage first order LPFs w. feedback)

Width: 8TE/ 8HP/ 40mm.
Depth: 52mm /2″ max.
Current: 25mA max.
Handy 20cm (8″) power cable included.

Double check power connection before powering your system please.
“Red strip” means -12V connector side in Eurorack standards.
In some power distribution systems connector key can be reverted.
In this case cut connector key and plug power connector right way (with respect to red strip) or use different power cable appropriate to your power system.

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