Coron DS-8 clone – Discontinued


Pure analog drum synth with some extras Coron DS-8 clone (= DC-861, = Synare Sensor, = Toyo Gakki DS4, = Ishibashi Bias BS-2 and many others…)

3-color noise source
hold button for continuous sound
triangle and square LFO waveshapes
power and LFO speed LED

Built by me, inspired by the M.Bareille schematic (Pappareil synth labs, France) DS8 with some improvements.
Anodized aluminium housing, CNC engraved labeling, darkened (stained) lacquered oak wood sides with nice wood pattern. Built like a tank.
Sound is triggered by clicking to front panel or by external drum pad or external audio signal.
Trigger button = continuous sound (you can use it as dub siren).
Great for sampling or live performance or you can trigger it with analog sequencer/synth or use with modular…
(trig/gate in and CV in if you want change tune from external sequencer/synth/modular).
You can connect external drum pad into Trig In connector for live drumming.
Or connect individual output from your drum machine to Coron´s Trig in and “replace” internal sound by Coron´s pure analog sound.
Connectors jack 1/4″ (6,3mm): Trig IN, CV IN, OUT (unbalanced).
Powered by DC 12-15V wall adapter (2,1/5,5mm, positive center) – unit is protected from wrong polarity.

Attached adapter can work wirtualy everywhere on the world (100-240V/50-60Hz) but may be you will need simple “travel” adapter to accomodate to shape of your wall outlet only.
Dimensions cca 19x13x8cm (7,5x5x3 inches).

Download printable chart for memorizing your favorite settings.

Currently not available and I don´t know when (if ever) will be available again.