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Shipping to some countries is currently not available, I´m sorry.
To check if your country is available for shipping (and check shipping costs) kindly put required items into cart and follow checkout.

Packages are shipped from EU.
All modules are handmade (no SMDs), assembled and tested ready to use, shipped usualy same or next working day as ordered (OK, occasionally in two days when I´m in the mid of development).  All orderable things are ready to go.

Power cable is always included (except passive modules of course). Screws are not because some racks needs different types of screws depending on mounting rail depth, standard Doepfer cases uses M3x6 but there are rails with M2,5×10 and M3x10 screws too. If your order contains modules with a lot of knobs then knobs are enclosed separately (many customers changes knobs for their owns) so you easily set your own knobs or set enclosed knobs on shafts. Shafts are “T18”.
Kindly check your paypal email (spam folder too) for tracking info.
Prices are final, VAT cannot be deducted (VAt cannot be separated).

Terms and conditions: I´m fair as possible, be fair too. It´s about karma.

…suggestions, ideas, questions… simply email me.
If you´ll find an error or mistake or better description of module functionalities on this web, email me too please, thanks.

If I do not answer a few days I´m probably in workshop developping an new modules. It is normal for me to take two days to read my emails and two more days to reflect on the matter and respond calmly. The culture of immediacy and the constant fragmentation of time are not very compatible with the kind of life I lead.

p.s. I´m not making modules to make money, I´m making money to make more modules