C-035 ENV+VCA (4HP)

C-035 AD/AR Envelope + VCA module for Eurorack / Doepfer A100 system.

From the top down:
Gate/Trigger input jack + status LED
Mode selection button + mode LEDs
Attack time control
Decay/Release time control
Envelope output jack (0-5V) + status LED
VCA input jack
VCA output jack

The C-035 is an envelope generator with a VCA built in. You can toggle between its modes with a short press on the Mode button.
A long press on the Mode button toggles between short and long envelope time ranges – fast (Attack 0-500ms, Decay/Release 0-1000ms) and slow (Attack  0-3s, Decay/Release 0-7s).

The three envelope modes are AR or Attack-Release (mode LED off), AD or Attack-Decay (LED dimmed) and AD2 or Attack-Decay2 (LED on):

  • The AR mode respects input gate length and sustains at maximum level while the gate is high.
  • The AD mode reaches its maximum level and the immediately goes to the Decay segment.
  •  AD2 mode works similar as AD mode, but respects to gate length: If attack time is longer than length of input gate envelope, it waits for the gate to go low before it starts the decay segment.

The Envelope output (0-5V) appears on its own output jack, plus controls the built-in VCA.

Width: 4TE/ 4HP/ 20mm
Depth: 45mm /1,8″ max.
Current: 25mA
Power cable included

Double check power connection before powering your system please.
„Red strip“ means -12V connector side in Eurorack standards.
In some power distribution systems connector key can be reverted.
In this case cut connector key and plug power connector right way (with respect to red strip) or use different power cable appropriate to your power system.