Synare 3 (rectangular) – Discontinued

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Pure analog drum synth Synare 3 clone.

Oscillator no.1 – tune + on/off/noise switch
Oscillator no.2 – tune + on/off/slow (can be used as LFO) switch
Filter section (24dB/oct VCF) with tune / modulation (by osc2) / sweep / resonance / decay. Filter is self-oscilating at max setting.
Amplifier section with decay and volume knobs.
Input sensitivity knob and trigger input connector added to compare to original Synare 3.
Built by me, based on the schematic from service manual with some changes (and improvements).

Clone tech info:
Battery saver circuit is omitted, powered by wall adaptor only, no batteries.
CA3080 OTAs used in orginal are replaced by newer LM13700 with same (or slightly better) performance.

Anodized aluminium housing (CNC engraved and laser labeled), natural (IKEA rules! 🙂 or darkened (stained) lacquered oak wood sides with nice wood pattern. Built like a tank 🙂

Sound is triggered by hitting front panel or by external drum pad or external audio signal.
Great for sampling or live performance or you can use it with analog sequencer/synth
You can connect external drum pad into Trig In connector for live drumming.
Or connect individual output from your drum machine to Synare´s Trig in and “replace” internal sound by Synare´s pure analog sound.

Connectors jack 1/4″ (6,3mm): Trig IN, OUT (unbalanced).
Powered by DC 12V wall adapter (positive center) – protected from wrong polarity. If you will use other adaptor, it must be 12-15V DC.
You´ll get European switching adaptor 100-240V, 50/60Hz.
You can use it virtually everywhere on the world with simple travel adaptor to accomodate to shape of wall outlet.

Dimensions cca 21x13x8cm (cca 8x5x3 inches).

Download printable chart for memorizing your favorite settings.

Sound settings examples chart

Currently not available and I don´t know when (if ever) will be available again.