MM-16 MIDI Monitor (DIY kit)


MM-16 MIDI Monitor DIY kit.
MIDI monitor is standalone box for displaying MIDI messages on LEDs, powered from MIDI itself (no power supply or batteries required).

All components are included, kit requires soldering (common tools required: soldering iron, tin, cutting pliers, tweezers).
Assembly instructions: assembly_rev.0

There are three modes of operation switchable by button:
– Display channel messages (mode LED off): LEDs 1-16 blinks if an MIDI message on appropriate channel is received, 17th LED shows all sys+realtime messages
– Display sys+realtime (mode LED dimmed): LEDs 1-16 blinks if sys+realtime messages (F0-FF) are received, 17th LED shows all channel data
– Display Message type (mode LED on): LEDs 1-16 blinks according to data type (data, note on/off… reset), 17 th LED is not used in this mode


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