U-110 Dual attenuator/CV source (4HP)

12 DSCN5318_attcv

U-110 Dual passive Attenuator/CV source for eurorack / Doepfer A100 system.

From top:
Signal input jack (CV or audio)
Attenuator or voltage setting (0 to 100% or 0-5V or 0-10V output if used as CV source)
2 Parallel attenuated outputs
and same for second channel

For passive attenuating CV or audio signals if input jack is plugged-in. Can be used as line out too.
Without input jack plugged-in, works as manually controlled CV source in range
0 to 5V or 0 to 10V – selectable by internal jumper. Opened jumper=0-5V, shorted=0-10V.
P-060 – switches can be used for switching from front panel.
Real range voltage range depends on next module input impedance.
If you don´t want use it as CV source, simply do not plug power cable.

Width: 4TE/ 4HP/ 20mm.
Depth: 20mm /0,8″ max.
Current: 1mA max (if used as CV source)
Power cable included.

Double check power connection before powering your system please.
“Red strip” means -12V connector side in Eurorack standards.
In some power distribution systems connector key can be reverted.
In this case cut connector key and plug power connector right way (with respect to red strip) or use different power cable appropriate to your power system.

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