C-510 Synare 1 – envelope generators + VCA (4HP) – Discontinued

C-510_1 C-510_2S3_patch

Ladik C-510 (part of Synare 3 set) in Eurorack format (4HP).

C-510 (Synare 1) = envelope generators + VCA – replaced by C-035 ENV + VCA (4HP)

Can be used as 4HP solution only for selfresonating filter drums: ENV out for tuning (amount of falling pitch) + VCA (length/decay).

From top:
trigger input
decay and sweep knobs & out jack for driving VCF (falling CV=falling pitch)
VCA decay knob and VCA in&out jacks for audio (short attack and adjustable release, great for drums sounds)

Width: 4TE/ 4HP.
Depth: max. 55mm /2,2″
Current: 10mA
Power ribbon cable included (handy 20cm, 16/10pin).

Double check power connection before powering your system please.
“Red strip” means -12V connector side in Eurorack standards.
In some power distribution systems connector key can be reverted.
In this case cut connector key and plug power connector right way (with respect to red strip) or use different power cable appropriate to your power system.

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