U-224 Quad CV-servo controller (kit)

This is USB-powered box for controlling up to 4 model servos by CV. I was asked for this by a friend who wanted to control some movements from a synth CVs using servos.

From the left: button + LED, four CV inputs, four servo outputs (signal, +, -), USB input (for power only, no control or data).

Input CV range is 0-5V. Model servo outputs are standard 1-2ms or extended 0,75-2,25ms (5th jumper removed). Pressing the button freezes the outputs at the current value, LED then blinks rapidly. Pressing button again releases outputs and set them current value, LED then lights up steadily. Four jumpers allows inversion of movement (ch 1-4), fifth jumper sets normal 1-2ms (set) or extended servo range 0,75-2,25ms (removed), it depends on the servos used.

Kit contains assembled and tested board and all box parts incl. screws and nuts. Peel off protective foil from the box parts before assembling.
Kit does not contain USB cable (standard USB-B type required) and 5V USB power supply wall adapter (say min.1A for two servos, min.2A for four servos, it depends on the servos used).

Example of controlling two fingers from two LFOs:


Order Quad CV-servo controller U-224 Quad CV-servo controller @ £50.00