Super Space Drum – Discontinued

DSCN0819_ DSCN0820_ DSCN0821_ DSCN0822_ DSCN5531_ DSCN5532_ DSCN5533_ DSCN5534_

Pure analog drum synth clone with built-in digital delay / echo (based on PT2399 – digital but with analog feel, can be turned off).

Creates up- and down- sweeping percusion synthesis, modulation depth and rate control (saw up and down). “Hold” button (for continuous sound) and delay added.

Upper row:
trig push button – hold for continuous sound (as dub siren)
sens – sensitivity of internal pickup or external signal
decay time – length of sound when triggered by internal pickup or external pad/trigger signal
sweep time – speed of sound pitch change from start to end frequency
start frequency – initial pitch
stop frequency – end pitch

Lower row:
modulation on/off switch – enables/disables modulation
modulation depth – turning to the right or to the left increase up- and down- saw modulation (zero in center)
modulation rate – speed of modulation (enhanced range compared to original)
delay time – speed of reflections
delay feedback – number of reflections
delay amount – delay level

Back side connectors:
DC12-15V – DC power supply, positive center, 2,1/5,5mm
out – unbalanced output
coord in – “coordinator input” – you can connect an audio signal for using SSD as VCA controlled by surface hits or external trigger (delay can be added to this audio signal)
trig in – input for triggering SSD from an external device – drum pad, individual output from drummachine or any other short audio signal

Built by me, anodized aluminium housing, laser engraved labeling, darkened (stained) lacquered oak wood sides with nice wood pattern. Built like a tank.

Sound is triggered by clicking to front panel or by external drum pad or external audio signal.
Trigger button = continuous sound (you can use it as dub siren).
Great for sampling or live performance or you can trigger it with analog sequencer/synth.
You can connect external drum pad into Trig In connector for live drumming.
Or connect individual output from your drum machine to SSD´s Trig in and “replace” internal sound by SSD´s pure analog sound.

Connectors jack 1/4″ (6,3mm): Trig IN, COORD IN, OUT (unbalanced).
Powered by DC adapter 12-15V – European DC wall adapter included. SSD is protected from wrong polarity if you´ll use your own adapter.
May be you will need some kind of “travel” adapter to accomodate to shape of your wall outlet.

Dimensions cca 21x13x8cm (8x5x3 inches).

Download printable chart for memorizing your favorite settings

Currently not available and I don´t know when (if ever) will be available again.