K-012 Keyboard gates (8HP)

K-012 Keyboard gates extension module for K-010 Utility CV Keyboard

Provides gate outputs from K-010 Utility CV Keyboard and K-011 Trig to keyboard modules. Allows generating up to 14 manual gate outputs by buttons (or by trig/gate inputs if K-011 is connected). Right column (semitons and octave outputs) can be switched to different modes by mode button (LED is on then): semitones outputs to “toggle mode” (one pressing makes output on, another pressing switches output off), octave outputs to “edge mode” – output trigger is generated at pressing and at releasing button. K-010 buttons can be driven by K-011 inputs.

Width: 8TE/ 8HP/ 40mm.
Depth: 45mm /1,8″ max.
Current: 25 mA max. (powered from K-010; K-010+K-011+K-012 together draws 50mA max.)


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